About Us

There is a dizzying amount of available information about digital transformation, distributed teams, and automation in the workplace of the future. Yet, results never seem realistic. There are the debates about whether the office is disappearing, or not. Promises about miraculously synchronized processes and centralized data often fall flat. Everyday there’s a sales pitch for another new program or app.

Is it possible to scale teams digitally beyond the traditional office if you’re not a giant, cutting-edge tech company?

Global workforces were on the edge of the digital industrial revolution when I started at an industrial manufacturing company over fifteen years ago. Computers moved from the desk into the cloud. Meetings turned into teleconferences. People worked from different locations. The team moved from next door to halfway across the world. Data, interfaces, and automations were the foundation for our future direction.

I was navigating the chaos on the front lines, setting up the tools and practices that drive information-driven and location-independent business from scratch. Today’s business environment has become much more complex. 

If you’re a leader, or even if you’ve worked at all, then you already know the usual advice. Being direct, responsible, and a clear communicator are all essential goals. Everyone has already been told to establish trust, set expectations, and create guidelines. In the information age, something is still missing.

At Mergence Systems, we help bring sanity to a world of digital and distributed workforces by designing and implementing business systems, composed of processes and tools, that facilitate work from anywhere and any circumstance.

Daniel Mark Adsit, Principal at Mergence Systems, has completed business systems projects in almost every functional domain at organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, including Intel, Eaton Corporation, Altera, and Hubspot agencies, and top-tier universities such as MIT. He has earned engineering and management degrees, in information science and systems disciplines, from MIT and Cornell. Daniel is publicly recommended by CEOs, general managers, distinguished educators, founders of boutique consulting agencies, retired military officers, and senior leaders at global organizations and is a published author in the domain of systems by the IEEE.

At Mergence Systems, we believe that leaders in this futuristic time need practical, specific, straightforward, and unbiased solutions.

Most people understand either the technology or the people. We understand the dynamic interactions that link them together.