About Us

Are you an executive, business owner, manager, or other seasoned leader who…

  • Gets frustrated by increasing complexity in business conversations?
  • Wants to make remote teamwork less disruptive?
  • Aspires to provide more freedom while keeping teams working on all cylinders?
  • Hopes to take collaboration across functions to the next level?
  • Needs to grow virtual skills or get started on the right foot?

Now, there are dizzying numbers of systems to run your business and team. Complexity is accelerating, not decreasing. Even if you already use a mix of software, everyday there’s another new app.

Beyond the endless shopping list of tools, you have to worry about working from multiple platforms at the same time, building processes around software, and navigating steep learning curves. It’s not just the basic setup, but also getting everyone using it correctly.

If you’re a seasoned leader, or even if you’ve worked at all, then the usual advice will already be known to you. Being direct, responsible, and a clear communicator are all obvious goals. Everyone has already told you to establish trust, set expectations, and create guidelines. On the other hand, you’ve probably already learned to run away from anyone who says they’re a power user or anything that reads like a Wired magazine article from 1995.

At Mergence Systems, we believe that leaders in this futuristic time need practical, specific, and unbiased how-to solutions about business systems that support high-performance organizations.

Daniel Mark Adsit, Principal at Mergence Systems, has completed business systems projects in over 15 countries across almost every functional department at organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, including Intel, Eaton Corporation, Altera, and Hubspot agencies, and top-tier universities such as MIT. He has earned engineering and management degrees, in information science and systems disciplines, from MIT and Cornell. Daniel is publicly recommended by CEOs, general managers, distinguished educators, founders of boutique consulting agencies, retired military officers, and senior leaders at global organizations.

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